I support my wife, Amoda, in all her events. I have many different roles, from technical (camera operating and sound), to playing meditation music, singing songs of the heart, to offering insight and wisdom. I have no fixed role and move between them freely. It is a joy to be of service.

People who come to our retreats and weekends get to experience the power and authenticity of our relationship in action, as well as Amoda’s profound teaching and vast experience. This is truly a unique experience and leaves those who attend touched to the core. We are a remarkable team, and the love we share and offer is highly inclusive.

 Some pictures of recent events in the US.

What happens at events.

RETREATS & IMMERSIONS are the real juice! This is where we dive deep to examine what stands in the way of our true radiant nature. By creating a safe container of unconditional acceptance, we invite tender honesty and audacious authenticity. 

Retreats & Immersions usually take place over 5 days, sometimes longer. The daily schedule includes talks, Q & A sessions, deep inquiry, silent sitting, and sometimes guided and active (movement-based) meditations. The sessions allow for an intimate and spontaneous conversation, effortlessly traversing the depth and breadth of heartbreak, humor, and sacredness. There is also time for contemplation, rest, walking, and enjoying heart-centered celebration with each other. 

At all retreats & immersions, Kavi provides sacred music of the heart (with live guitar) to support the process of heart-awakening. His music ranges from zen-like stillness to point you further within, to lyrical songs of love and beauty, to wildly ecstatic let-go … and it’s all improvised! 

Kavi also contributes to the Q & A sessions by offering guidance when appropriate. His unique insights and loving wisdom provide a support for Amoda’s teaching, and together there is a playful flow of feminine and masculine. We are often told that having both Amoda and Kavi holding the space to be a very powerful and much-appreciated offering.

Some retreats are held in silence outside of the sessions (no social conversation during breaks and meal-times). Others are not strictly silent, allowing for social interaction outside of sessions. Some are held in an environment that supports a more inward contemplative attitude, others are held in an environment that supports a more playful, cathartic, and celebratory attitude. This depends on the venue, the time of year, and the container created by the group. But all of them are potentially life-changing! No two retreats are ever the same!