Poet, Musician and Spiritual Philosopher.



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I play music from 'zen-guitar' to 'awakened folk' and ambient soundscape. I have had albums released on the spiritual record label 'New Earth Records.'


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The name Kavi was given to me many years ago by someone who saw that I have a poetic nature. Only in the last few years have I begun to really express this.

Kavi is a rare awakened soul, wide open with love and tapped into a higher expression.
— Travis


There is a power in being so fully yourself that you rediscover your natural way of being. That is what happened to me. From being someone who was cut off from his emotions, struggling with addictions and suppressed anger, I went through a total spiritual transformation. It took years, and it burned up everything in me that was false. It was total, and i gave myself totally to it, even though it hurt like hell.

And I believe this transformation is available for each of us. The reward for going willingly into one's pain and darkness is metamorphosis of the kind indescribable to the uninitiated. It is something like a rebirth. For me it was like my star went supernova, and I have never recovered, nor do I want to. And it unleashed my creativity and joy.

And life offers each of us this invitation in each moment: To Open Fully or Close Completely. What do you choose?
Welcome to my world.


In this video - Kavi plays one of his songs "Courting the Beloved" at the 5-day Immersion at Light on the Hill Retreat Center in upstate New York, recorded August 2018.