I am not an appendage to Amoda’s teaching. I am a deeply integral part of it.

The fact that I play a supporting role as a man might confuse some people. They are used to seeing the man being the alpha, the leader, the guru. And if there is a woman she is usually the supporter, rarely is she as awakened as him. In fact in some traditions she is excluded from the enlightenment game, it is purely a masculine thing.

So I want to put some things straight.

Over the years, through grace, persistence and living with Amoda, I have awakened. I don’t make any deal out of it because I’m not that concerned with the label or the projection that goes with this. I prefer to be a poet, musician, mystic and free man. But make no mistake, I feel utterly and totally as awakened as my wife Amoda Maa.

But here is the main point I am going to make.

Even as an awakened man, even as a strong and clear seeing, powerful man in my own right, I choose to defer to her as the teacher and lead voice. I choose to throw my entire being behind her as the main teacher, willingly and consciously, occasionally with difficulty but always with awareness.


Because the time is now. Because the time is upon us to herald the new voice that is coming through the women of this world.

Because I believe in my heart of hearts that her voice is more powerful at this time than mine, that it is far more relevant for a woman to be sitting in the seat of the wise one with a strong man by her side than it is for yet another man to be sitting on high.

Her wisdom is palpable, her message is clear.

I feel this choice strongly in my bones. It doesn’t get seen much and maybe people don’t even notice. It doesn’t really matter because I do it anyway. It humbles me, it keeps me real, it keeps me alive and it keeps me part of a bigger evolutionary momentum that I see happening, a momentum that needs conscious support from men who are willing to do whatever it takes.

But I am not an appendage. I’m a vital component of the teaching. Amoda and I are sharing the honesty, the integrity and the authenticity of this relationship. It is a powerful catalyst for others. We have turned roles upside down and nobody has lost anything because we are both awake.

This is love with purpose in the new era.

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