I am recording a new album and you can help make it possible.

I have been wanting to, and intending to, record a new album for a while. But I dismantled my old recording system, which was pc based and pretty ancient, and Amoda and I left England to come to sunny California (I still cant quite believe we are living here!)

And now the time has come! I have enough equipment to start the process, and I am familiar with the new software I'm using, Logic Pro X, but mostly:

I am Super Inspired!

What has really inspired me this time is the idea of using other musicians, using instruments I have never had on my music. You see, I have pretty much always done everything myself. From the first album i had released, 'Unconditional Love,' right through to all my other home studio recordings, I have played everything using samples, software instruments or instruments I have played.

BUT this is going to be different. Why?

Because thanks to the internet, and thanks to human ingenuity, I can now hire musicians at reasonable rates and build my songs around their performances.

That means I get access to great performers who can do the bass, strings, keyboard and drum parts.

But here is the interesting thing: I am not paying enough money to tell them what to do. So I have to trust that their performances are going to work. And then I will respond to what they do and build the song around them. So it makes for a very interesting collaboration. And a pretty exciting one. It is like being in a band with people you don't know, will never meet, and actually have no idea how good they are.
There is a great deal of trust involved. But for some reason it inspires me. From the first moment I got the cello part a woman on 'Fiverr' did for me for $15.00 I was hooked. It sounded excellent, and was played by a REAL CELLO PLAYER!

Here is a clip of what I received. Listen for the beautiful cello: (This is my cover of a John Lennon song)

closer than this album cover
We change the world by supporting each others dreams.

So you see I can build an album of heart opening love songs with strings played by real people no machines, and take some chances on how it works.


Here is where you can help.

I just do not have the funds to do this alone. I would like to, but I feel this album needs to be made to spread love and it wont wait until I have the money. Damn it I never have the money to support my creativity - But I do it anyway. I'm an impractical artist committed to truth and love, authenticity and beauty. I cannot stop myself. I am 58 years old now and as I've grown older I have become MORE committed to beauty and love than ever. WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO LIVE FOR IF NOT LOVE?

There are two ways you can help support this love project.

1. You can donate me money via the Paypal button below the picture.
2. You can join my patreons here: https://www.patreon.com/kavi

Both of these methods help secure a new instrument. Below is a breakdown of likely costs for this project. I figure that with $500 - $1000 I can do the whole thing. Anything extra buys some badly needed software and/or microphone or guitar.

With your help I can give these musicians what they are worth not just the minimum rate. I can pay them a decent musician's rate and make their day! On Fiverr you can 'tip' the person who has just worked for you. Its great to be able to do that, and to be able to offer their name, website and details on the album sleeve as well would be wonderful.

Session musicians for hire on Fiverr.com

Bass Player - $30per track (not needed on all tracks)
Strings (including cello and quartet) $50 per track (not needed on all tracks)
Drums (on a few tracks) $50 per track
Keyboard - Piano - $20 per track (not needed on all tracks)
Backing Singer (on one or two tracks) - $50 per tracks

Mastering all tracks (maybe 12) $60 - $100

50 CD copies with cover - $100
I am aiming for 12 tracks.

Each time a person supports I will add their name to the album sleeve design.

I have about 5 songs in various stages of development:
One is a John Lennon cover, and I have some cello added to it by someone I found on Fiverr. I am very excited about this.

Another is currently with a guy (also on Fiverr) who is doing a string quartet to a song he thinks reminds him of John Denver.

Third up is a song I wrote a few years ago during the time that Amoda's (my wife) mother left her body. It was a very moving time and I wrote a track called 'I Feel You.' The new recording will feature a string arrangement.

Fourth track is called 'Wake You Up.' I am currently experimenting with this one and considering taking out all acoustic guitars and trying for a string arrangement with some synthesizer sounds. It is all very much in development stage.

More tracks will be announced as I progress.

Let's do this together. We live in times of collaboration.