Music is the soul expressing itself. I play this deep, soul touching and heart based music to remind us who we really are behind the veil.


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                      This song was finished after my wife's mother died. It sums up how those who die live on inside us. It is tender and speaks directly to the heart, unashamedly. Thanks to Mark Goldie for the filming.

Something to read while you listen to the music -

If you clicked the music player you have to stay on this page to listen to the song, so I am writing something to keep your attention while you listen.
Let me tell you a little about my relationship with music in particular and creativity in general. I'm sure it will remind you of the absolute need for us to be our creative selves, however that creativity manifests.

My parents brought me a 'Beatles Guitar' in the 1960s. It didn't make any sound but I could jump around on the sofa and pretend I was one of them. That was it. I was hooked.
I got my first album in 1969 when I was ten years old. It was 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn,' by Pink Floyd. I didn't understand it at all but I fell under the spell of it's psychedelic rhythms and rhymes, and I never looked back.

Music has followed me everywhere. And I never let it slip away so far I couldn't pick it up again. It has been an intense relationship, a challenging relationship, and a transformative one.

But boy it hasn't been easy.

It challenged my lack of self worth. When I decided to 'go solo' and sing my heartfelt acoustic songs I experienced great anxiety, and words would get stuck in my throat, fingers would shake while I was playing guitar and I became very self conscious. I had to burn through a lot of stuff to keep going.

And then when I started playing improvised guitar for Amoda's workshops I experienced great growth and bliss, playing music that transcended ego and surrendered to the moment. It was wild and deep and real.

I have never had much success. I have had two albums released by the seminal spiritual record company 'New Earth Records.' I am proud of those. But I decided many years ago that my life was not about material success in the traditional sense.

I play because I play. It is in my blood. In my soul and belly. I write songs that no one hears, well maybe Amoda. But no one else. I have recorded about 20 albums and put them out there, and now I don't mind what happens. I don't derive my sense of worth from music. It is my meditation, my love, my intimate friend that arrived early in my life and hopefully will stay until I leave.

I have two very close loves. Amoda and Music - Amoda means Joy and Music is Beauty. My loves are Joy and Beauty.

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