Zen Desert

ZEN Desert with Border.jpg
ZEN Desert with Border.jpg

Zen Desert


Zen meets Ry Cooder and Pink Floyd in the desert in 1970. 

1. Space - 10.41
2. Peace - 06.44
3. Emptiness - 03.52
4. Silence - 10.45
5. Aloneness - 04.38
6. Expansion - 06.34
7. Beauty - 06.47
8. Acceptance - 06.14
9. Mystery - 06.43
10. Surrender - 08.02

68.06 - Playing Time

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The best way to describe this album is...emptiness and atmosphere. 
The title says it all. 10 guitar based pieces played on an old (1970s) Fender Telecaster, with lots of reverb and subtle delay. 

“I wanted to make another meditation album and here it is. Lay back and chill down. Play this when you are being creative or silent, meditating or doing yoga, or just plain doing nothing.” 

Zen meets Ry Cooder and Pink Floyd in the desert in 1970. 

Recorded in the afternoon of October 14th and early morning silence of Oct 15th 2017 in Sausalito, CA. 
Thanks to Loren for kindness and generosity
Thanks to Amoda for divine blessing of relationship. 
Thanks to my Mother for buying me a Fender Telecaster so long ago. 

"Most of the pieces are improvised and overdubs are improvised. I only recorded again if there was a digital glitch or some serious malfunction. So it is really ‘AS IT IS.’ I wanted to bring something real to it.. 
Raw and Real. I have not edited it to make it sanitary or professional. I have purposefully left it in its pristine state. You either want that kind of thing or you don’t. Most music is, to my ears, dead. It serves the purpose of entertainment but rarely has a magic or reality to it. I am attempting to record that which cannot be captured, essence and space and depth." 

Equipment and Software: 
Fender Telecaster
TC Helicon Voicelive 3
Apogee Duet Soundcard
Logic Pro X
Macbook Pro
Yamaha Monitors HS50M
Valhalla VintageVerb
AudioThing Outer Space Delay
Waves MondoMod
Arturia Jupiter 8V

All instruments - KAVI
Mastered - KAVI

Credits - Photo by Huib Scholten on Unsplash