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The Open Hand.

01. Here Where I Am
02. Space In My Heart
03. Ready For Love
04. Crack In The Wall
05. Sweet
06. Perfect As It Is
07. The Open Hand
08. Instrumental
09. Courting The Beloved
10. An Open Door
11. How Many Times
12. All We Really Have
13. The Great Unknown
14. Oh My Love

Total Playing Time: 53 mins

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This album has taken a long time to manifest.

There are about six of these songs I have been singing regularly at the meetings and retreats I do with my wife, Amoda Maa. After many of the events people come up and say they were touched by a song and asked if I had the track available.

For a long time I decided not to record them as they might not transfer from the live experience to the format of recording very well.

In our meetings there is openness and love, and I sing to that. Sometimes these songs are very vulnerable, very soft and tender. I honor that space both within me and within the events, so I wanted to keep the songs kind of sacred.

Plus, it’s not easy recording very simple acoustic and vocal songs.

Finally I surrendered (Thanks to Toby) and I decided to have a try. In the process I wrote a few more songs, notably The Open Hand, and I came up with the title.

I have kept the songs as true as possible to how I sing them live. There are a few overdubs. There are a few mistakes. It could be better when I listen with my perfectionist ear, but I fully accept it as it is.

I think they convey the essence of our experiences, and of the space of love and openness we hope will arise.

These songs are all about the divine truth of our essential nature. They are deeply personal and collective. I truly hope they speak to you, that they support you and they love you.

I have included the lyrics for your pleasure, it just seemed the right thing to do.

Nothing more to say. My love stretches across time and space to you.

Total Playing Time - 53 mins

released April 1, 2019

Recorded in Sausalito, California, against a backdrop of cats, builders, freeway traffic, the hubbub of residential activity and no soundproofing.

Thanks to Loren for the opportunity.