A Beautiful World

Beautiful World Cover.jpg
Beautiful World Cover.jpg

A Beautiful World


We live in a Beautiful World. 
We have forgotten this, and pulled the veil over our eyes. 

This CD is a return to Beauty, a Return to Love. 

Written and recorded during early Summer mornings in Worcester, UK, Kavi found himself watching the sunrise, listening to the birds, and feeling the warmth of the summer breeze on his skin. Life became beautiful, and he remembered, and he said, "We live in a Beautiful World". 
These words became this album. Bathe in the sunlight, serenity and peace. See the clouds rolling by. This World is a Dream. You are far more beautiful than you think. This world is a dazzling array of splendor. Remember. 

This album was made under the influence of Pink Floyd. 

All instruments by Kavi Jezzie Hockaday
Vocals Kavi

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