Let us explore some of the areas I specialize in.

Holistic Health

We are LIGHT BEINGS - We are intended to channel light from the highest frequencies into the lowest. That means channeling light deep into our bodies on the cellular level. When our bodies are toxic and choked up we struggle to fulfill our DIVINE PURPOSE.
This video is a brief explanation why you must step up to take responsibility for your health AND the health of the world.

Your integrated health matters. I have learned what it is like to be 'out of action' and down with chronic illness. It took me over 10 years to heal.

I can coach and guide you through your healing. I am not a doctor or a naturopath. But what I can bring you is wisdom, knowledge, inspiration, support and awareness. Believe me they are VITAL components needed to travel the mysterious healing path.


So many people are yearning for a great relationship, or wondering why their relationship is not working. I am blessed with a relationship that works, demands truth and authenticity, and teaches me about myself.

I have discovered the principles of 'good relationship,' and how to make it work. The first key is to recognize that ALL relationships are intimate, and the second is that we are ALWAYS being invited to relate INTIMATELY with the world. Basically you can't have a true and authentic relationship until you totally show up, wounds and vulnerabilities and all, however much it hurts.

Relationship is the great measure of one's awakening.

I can help inspire you to inquire deeper into this delicate are, to meet what holds you back and to celebrate your uniqueness.


Spiritual Inquiry

The ultimate goal of all my coaching, and of my own life, is to find a 'Living Spirituality.' This is a kind of spirituality that does not divorce itself from real life but enhances it, because it is an EMBODIED experience.

In this sense what I point to is Non Dual Holistic Wisdom. Most non dual teaching somehow turns away from the world, the body and the mess of everyday life. In doing that it is danger of denying it completely.

But I have learned (though my own experience and Amoda's) that an embodied spirituality is very powerful. To really live your spiritual truth day in day out is tough but necessary.

Through self inquiry and guidance I can assist your inner exploration.

Always held in loving awareness.



You are, and always have been, a CREATIVE BEING. But maybe you don't feel it, and maybe you feel there is more within you that needs to be expressed.

I understand - I am a musician, a poet, a photographer and a creative soul. I have been frustrated, depressed, even enraged, at feeling unable to get my creativity out there into the world.

Creativity is hugely undervalued in today's world, with its emphasis on work and pleasure. But unleashing and expressing your creative side is almost ESSENTIAL to your well being and your spirituality. And it doesn't matter how old you are.

I can help you to ignite your inner creative fire, fan the flames of inspiration and set you on the path of creative freedom.

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If any of the above resonate, or if there is a specific area you want to focus on, please get in touch via this form. I look forward to hearing from you.

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