Awakening Sessions - A supportive exploration of what is true.
I will always meet you where you are in the compassionate Bowl of Love.


What areas can I deal with?
Some examples.

'Relationships, depression, addiction, anxiety, chronic illness, lost purpose, creativity blockage, boundary setting, mind chatter and spiritual stuckness.'



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The opportunity to work closely one to one with me on Skype or face to face.

I offer you sessions that are life transforming experiences.  Whatever you come to me with, that is where we start.

I work from a holistic perspective. That means looking at everything as one thing, and attending to those areas that are bringing imbalance and disharmony.

We will work together to investigate and inquire inside your world. It becomes an exploration and we are searching for clues and signs. We are searching for what is false, or what has been turned away from. We are searching for erroneous beliefs and false assumptions. They are always there, often slightly veiled to one's own eye, and they need a witness to draw them out.

These sessions can be very healing and nourishing because they reconnect you with yourself and parts that you may have neglected or forgotten.

My work is rooted in a nondual understanding of life and consciousness. In one sense it is deeply spiritual. But the other side is that sessions with me are also very practical and grounded in reality.


Expect insight, epiphany, and awareness to surface.

Session length: 60 minutes.

Get in touch through the contact form to discuss further.

I have been a consultant/coach for over 5 years. I have trained in the UK in the 1980s working with traumatized young people in the heart of London and have much experience running transformational workshops with my wife, Amoda Maa.

The main gifts I bring to our sessions have been learned through my own life, healing wounds, healing major illness and healing relationship issues.
The last 15 years have been a profoundly deep spiritual journey of awakening, a journey that has, at times, brought me to my knees in humility and brokenness. But it has also put me back together and upgraded me!
I have worked with a wild Celtic shaman in the hills and valleys of Wales, UK, which changed me in mysterious and unspeakable ways, and brought out the shamanic side of me.

I have catharted and rebirthed, spent nights in caves and sweat lodges, done many vipassana silent retreats, traveled extensively, had many kinds of therapy, written my own book about healing illness, and given up a life in the UK to pursue a vision of awakening others here in the US.

And slowly, over the last 15 years, the sun arose and there has been an awakening. This awakening, because it has happened slowly, has become integrated and utterly natural. I don't think of it as awakening, I think of it as a return to what is true within.

After just one session I felt a weight lift from my shoulders, my passion for life started to come back and I felt that I could achieve what I have been put here on this Earth to do!
— Kate - Austria