How I Work - Coach or Explorer?

I would like to take a minute to explain what I offer.
Really I am not a traditional coach. I'm not a traditional anything. I blend many different qualities together and create a unique form of wisdom inquiry. It has some coaching, some therapy, some spiritual inquiry, some wellness, some intuitive investigation, and lots of holistic logic in it. It is far from 'airy fairy' and I aim for it to be as grounded and real as possible.
It is unique because I am unique.
It is natural because I am natural.
It is love because I am love.
And it is truth because I am truth.

I am deeply proud of my clarity, my compassion, my reflective ability and my wisdom. I hold everything in the deepest humility and warmth and totally commit to you. I love listening to your stories and seeing and hearing how it all connects.

My passion for your transformation is enormous. I want it more than you do. But I wont press it upon you, because neither you, nor me, is in charge.

All we can do is explore and commit.

I am this explorer with you.

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