Irreverent, creative, artistic, articulate, funny, sad, natural and awake.



There is no way to describe myself. I am so many things, and I am none of them. I could offer you my biography but it wouldn’t tell you who I am.

Maybe its enough to say that I am still here, I still have a fire in my belly, and I seem to be opening more and more to life as I get older.
I agree with the great Bill Hicks when he said ‘It’s just a ride.’  And I agree with those who have dived so deep into the mystery they have all but disappeared.
I am an adventurer of consciousness, of the human experience, and of love.
I am blessed to have a woman in my life who is like a jewel in the mine.
I have been through major illness, experienced trauma, depression, addiction and existential anxiety.

And still I'm here, surfing the river until it meets the ocean.


I play music for my soul.
I write poetry to remind myself that it's all a dream.
I take pictures to find the beauty in everything.
I support others to help them remember their purpose.

The power of an awakened relationship. It resonates with everyone. It inspires others. It prods and it pokes you into surrender. But it offers you bliss.


I live with my astonishing wife Amoda Maa here in California.
We moved here to follow our dream. It took guts and perseverance to do it. But we did it, and we are so delighted to be here.
Each day we give thanks for all this. And it is not always easy, but that's the journey, to embrace all aspects of life no matter what.

Amoda is an author and SPIRITUAL teacher.
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